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Who said the stars don't cry? Maybe the tears of a star are just rains of love and pain?
Maybe a star is burning so we can see its brilliance? Or a star suffers to reflect her beauty?
A star and a woman both shine but in different universe. This is a collection inspired by stars for stars, ANJUM.


Modern and Classic, Old and New, from generation to generation Moroccan Caftan is seen as piece of Art. The "Anjum” couture collection inspired from stars, galaxies, and cosmic phenomena can lead to a range of imaginative and unique designs. Each piece in this collection reflects the elegance, brilliance, and mystique of stars, constellations, and cosmic phenomena.


Glimmering silvers and golds that mimic the sparkle of stars. Soft pastel shades inspired by nebulas and galaxies. The choice of fabrics and textures was crucial in conveying the celestial theme. Flowing chiffon and silk representing the fluidity of space. Embellishments like sequins, crystals, and metallic thread to capture the twinkle of stars. 


The designs capture the mystique and grandeur of the universe, the caftans with intricate beadwork resembling constellations, also structured silhouettes with angular lines reminiscent of star formations. Key Pieces  of the collection are flowing caftans in pastel shades, transitioning from one color to another, mimicking the vibrant hues of interstellar clouds. Statement accessories like belts featuring  moons, stars, and comet motifs.


The runway presentation of our Moroccan Heritage in GICW fashion week was a sensory experience especially with the projection of Moroccan visuals on the runway backdrop directed by famous Lokesh Sharma.



Models - Miss Diva 2020 / Miss Universe 2020 Runner up @adline_castelinofficial.

Miss India 2019 / Miss World 2019 (Runner Up) @sumanratanrao
Directed by - @lokeshsharmaofficial
Production - @fashmobofficial
Photography - @siddharthpruthiphotography
Cinematography - @shubhamsharma_photography
Makeup Artist - @anjubalasingh
Styled by - @artcantbebothered